How Data Centers are Pioneering Green Technology

How Data Centers are Pioneering Green Technology

With the rising attention to global impacts like the climatic changes and the effects of global warming, businesses are looking forward to make changes for further sustainable practices. One major differentiator is the demonstration of green practices. Interxion is the example of one of the leading data centre produces in Europe that employs both renewable energy resources as well as practices efficient energy supplies. They are also involved in providing sustainable green energy to their customers.

Energy-efficient cooling technologies

Data centres, as we all know, consume higher amounts of power and energy than required, and we’re talking about millions of megawatts of power. These types of equipments are running 24/7/365. Hence, they need to cool down frequently. Therefore some companies have turned to the usage of efficient methods of cooling. For example, many digital casino companies have shifted their data centres to colder climatic conditions to make use of the natural temperature for cooling the machines.

Reuse of excess heat


One significant example of this is the in Stockholm where the data centres were designed in such a way that there was the use of these energies to warm household in the cooler regions of the city. Denmark also implements groundwater cooling technology to save energy. Previously they used the refrigerator system to cool down the machines in summer that consumed massive amounts of power. Now the use of groundwater cooling technology has significantly reduced the power consumption, whilst doing the task.

Hydro and wind energy

It is not surprising to say that, with the use of all the green policy methods, Denmark and Nordic regions are tagged as the European regions for implementing energy-efficient technologies. Companies like Apple and Google have also applauded them for the use of efficient means of energy consumption. The use of abundant hydro and wind power, with the combination of the colder Nordic regions, is the best environment to seed heavy-duty data centres.

Groundwater cooling

Denmark has also implemented the groundwater cooling system that is well known for saving energy. This implementation replaces the refrigerants for cooling that otherwise used massive amounts of power. The underground water available is cooled to lower than minus temperatures and used for cooling the heavy-duty machines.

Free air cooling

Ireland is another region that is thriving for using green energy for controlling energy consumption due to data centres. The climate of the region is a perfect blend for cooling the heated machines and use 40% lesser electricity than the traditional ones. Ireland is also the third-largest for wind penetration in the world, and it was recognized for using sustainable energy records for data centres in 2016.


It is incredibly crucial to switch from traditional means of handling the data centres to convenient ways with respect to environmental changes and complications. Once, feared for causing environmental pollution and degradation, data centres are now employing greener methods for energy consumption, and more and more data centres are equipped with green technologies.


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